About TNN

The Polish Real Estate Scientific Society was founded February 11, 1994 in Olsztyn. It brings together the founding members and ordinary members, among whom are a significant proportion of professors and doctors from various fields of science, whose scholarly work and professional concerns of the property.

The aim of the Society is developing and disseminating knowledge about management of space, and the methods, techniques and principles of valuation of wealth, the popularization of scientific achievements in this field, as well as their practical applications in the activities of economic entities.

The main tasks of the Association are:

  • present positions and opinions on matters concerning the theoretical and practical matters of management of assets,
  • foster and conduct research on methods of valuation and property management principles,
  • raising the theoretical knowledge and practical skills in management of assets.

Society field of interest:

  • initiating and conducting research and analysis on the management of assets and estimating their value
  • enrichment and dissemination of knowledge on methods and techniques of valuation of assets and management of the organization of conferences, seminars and symposia,
  • initiating, organizing and conducting cooperation with organizations, businesses, academia, research and development units, social organizations and scientific associations in the country and abroad, working in the management of assets,
  • impact on the scope and content of various forms of education, curricula, training and improvement in activities of the Society,
  • supporting research centers involved in training personnel in resource property,
  • appointment of individuals to perform a task analysis and research in the field office of the Association,
  • announcing competitions for theoretical and for innovative development in the field of real estate management,
  • publishing activities and initiating and organizing cooperation with the writings of technical knowledge in the country and abroad, especially magazines, training materials and other studies relating to the statutory TNN,
  • establishment and maintenance of libraries and the collection and sharing of documents and persons interested in literature,
  • opinions on legislation and develop and submit comments on legislative solutions for the management of assets,
  • participation in international scientific organizations and associations dealing with issues of management of assets,
  • dissemination of ethical principles
  • making business in the area associated with the operations office.

prof. Sabina Źróbek