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Real Estate Scientific Society

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Real Estate Scientific Society

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The Real Estate Scientific Society, founded in 1994 in Olsztyn, gathers professors and doctors from various fields of science, specializing in spatial management and asset valuation.Our aim is to develop knowledge and promote scientific achievements and practical applications in the field of real estate. Through presenting positions, conducting research, and organizing conferences, the Society supports the development of valuation methods and real estate management.

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Scientific Conference of the Real Estate Scientific Society

This is a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and understand the latest trends and innovations in the real estate field. It's a chance to meet with experts, scientists, and professionals in the industry who will share their experiences and insights. It's also an excellent platform for networking, exchanging ideas, and gaining inspiration for the future. Don't miss out on this opportunity for development - limited spots available.



REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT AND VALUATION (REMV) is a globally recognized scientific journal indexed in international databases such as JCR, JCI, SCOPUS, Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) (Core Collection), and several others.



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Together we ensure sustainable development.

Together we ensure sustainable development.


Frequently Asked Questions

To become a member of the RESS, one must meet certain criteria and submit a membership application. Information regarding this can be found on the Ordinary Members of RESS page.

Members of RESS have access to scientific publications, monographs, and conference materials. They can participate in conferences, research, and knowledge exchange with other passionate real estate scientists. It's also an opportunity to establish valuable professional contacts.

Information regarding membership fees and other charges can be found on the Membership Fees page. If you have further questions, I encourage you to contact them directly.

The main goal of RESS is to advance the science of real estate, promote scientific research, and integrate the academic community.

Yes, RESS collaborates with other scientific societies, universities, and institutions related to real estate.

About Us

The Real Estate Scientific Society has been in existence since February 11, 1994. We bring together founders and ordinary members, among whom a significant portion are professors and doctors representing various fields of science, primarily related to real estate. Our mission is to develop and disseminate knowledge about spatial management, asset valuation, and to popularize scientific achievements in these areas.